3 Reasons To Hire A Guest Speaker For Your Next Work Event

Planning events for your employees is often a daunting task. You want the event to be engaging, interesting, fun, and to encourage more involvement and buy-in from your employees. You may also want to attract other people from your industry to the event to foster networking purposes. This is no easy task, but hiring a guest speaker makes it easier. Here are the top reasons to consider hiring a guest speaker for your next work event:

Guest Speakers Energize the Crowd

What makes someone a great guest speaker is their charisma and presence energize everyone in the crowd. Instead of feeling bored with the work event and going home uninspired, your guest speaker will ensure everyone feels more excited and motivated than they did before they heard the speaker. Many of your employees are likely to hold onto this newfound energy and enthusiasm when they return back to work, after the event is over. This can improve productivity and collaboration in your office, as well as promoting new ideas.

Guest Speakers Boost Attendance

Another major benefit of hiring a guest speaker is that doing so can boost your attendance numbers, at the conference or other work event. If your guest speaker is well-known, their name alone may draw a crowd from both your employees, those in the community, or your broader industry.

Many guest speakers are great at promoting the events they are speaking at, which provides you with publicity, without having to spend time and money on your own marketing efforts. Even a lesser-known guest speaker may give your attendance numbers a boost, just because your employees and other invited guests will be more interested in attending an event when they know there will be an interesting talk given.

Speeches are Interactive

Many talented guest speakers make sure their speeches are interactive, and involve the audience in some ways. This may involve calling people up on stage, engaging in back-and-forth dialogue, or entertaining a question and answer period. This tends to be much more interesting and memorable for your employees than more passive forms of information, such as a lecture or video. Skilled guest speakers know how to make everyone in the audience feel important. 

When you hire a guest speaker, the benefits last much longer than the speech itself. Hiring a dynamic and interesting guest speaker will allow you and your staff to enjoy these benefits at your next planned work event.

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