Need Affordable Office Furniture? 4 Ways To Save Money

Changing out all the furniture in your office can be a really large task which can easily get really expensive as well. With the right planning though, you can keep the costs of changing out the furniture in your office under control.

#1 Figure Out What You Need

Don't just go down to the office supply store or sit down at your computer and aimlessly add items to your cart. You need to have a plan for purchasing the furniture for your office.

Start with a blueprint of your office area and make a few copies. A blueprint will help you to see the spaces where you need to purchase furniture. As you pick out furniture, draw it onto the copies of the blueprint. You want to make sure the furniture you pick will work in your office size-wise.

Don't just make all the decisions alone. Go and talk to your colleagues. Find out the furniture features they enjoy and the office furniture features they can't stand concerning their current setup. Ask them what features would help make their office space more organized and more efficient. Write down their responses and use that information to help you determine what type of furniture you need.

Ultimately, you should have a list of the furniture you need and the exact sizing you need. This list will help you stay on budget.  

#2 Ask About Discounts

If you find a furniture store and you like most of the furniture that they carry, call them and see if they offer any discounts for bulk ordering. Many office furniture companies will be willing to offer you a discount if you purchase all your furniture for your remodel from the same vendor. It is worth it for a vendor to give you a discount instead of having you leave and go to another vendor who is more willing to work with you. If you decide to purchase from a vendor who is not local, see if you can negotiate on shipping costs. Shipping can be really expensive when you are purchasing furniture.

#3 Consider Refurbishes Furniture

All the office furniture does not have to be new. There is a big business with refurbished office furniture that has been repaired. Oftentimes, you can get brand-new looking furniture for a fraction of the retail price. Refurbished furniture can also offer you a chance to snag some unique pieces that will help your office stand out.

Get out a blueprint of the office space and really think about what you need. Consult your co-workers and take their feedback into consideration when selecting furniture. Look into refurbished commercial furniture and ask about discounts.

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