4 Benefits Of Getting Into The Mold Inspection And Remediation Industry

If you love working with your hands and doing contractor-type work, there are so many different directions you could go career-wise. You could become a carpenter, remodel kitchens, become a home inspector — or even open your own mold remediation and inspection business. The last option may not sound overly appealing at first. After all, mold is gross, and cleaning it up can be a bit of a hassle. But actually, there are a lot of things about mold inspection that make it a great business choice.

1. You get to help people who really need it.

Working with people in their homes is not always easy. For instance, it can be tough to design cabinets that meet someone's every desire. When you work in mold remediation, however, you will often have clients who are really stuck and desperate for help. They'll be so happy to see you and to find out that you can help them with their mold problem. When the job is complete, they'll be thankful that their home is clean and healthy again. If you like to please people — and who doesn't — working in the mold inspection industry will be good for you on an emotional level.

2. You can get in and get out.

Some other avenues of contracting require you to work on a project slowly over months. The work can drag on, and there can be a lot of downtime as you wait for other contractors to come in and do their portion of the work. With mold remediation, your responsibilities are more clear-cut and short-lived. You come in and do an inspection to locate the mold. If there is mold, you come back a few times to clean it up. Then, you move on to another job.

3. There's a big need for mold remediation.

Mold growth can arise in homes for so many different reasons — plumbing leaks, cracked foundations, and leaky windows to name a few. As such, there is a big need for mold remediation, and there always will be. You won't have to search very hard for customers.

4. There are mold remediation franchise opportunities.

If you don't want to build a business from the ground up, you do not have to. There are companies that will allow you to open a franchise branch of their existing mold remediation business. The business will be your own, but much of the infrastructure will be taken care of already. This is not as common in other industries, such as cabinet-making. Look for a mold inspection franchising opportunity near you to get started in the industry. 

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