Things To Consider During Your Final Arrangement Planning

Final arrangement planning is sometimes hard, but if you want to save the family from having to deal with it after you are gone, it is important that you take the time to plan everything in advance. You may want to work with a lawyer to make sure everything is done correctly.

Cremation Services

So people prefer the idea of being cremated after they pass away. If you are choosing cremation, you need to work with the funeral home to arrange the service. Once you have passed, the funeral home will remove the body from the home and prepare it for the cremation. Some funeral homes provide the services in house, while others send bodies to a crematorium and then return the ashes to the funeral home. 

The funeral home can put the ashes in an urn for you or return them to your family in a box and plastic bag. If you are spreading the ashes, the box is the cheapest option. There are also urns that are biodegradable so you can bury the urn and have the urn rot and the ashes absorb into the ground. 

Burial Services

If you would rather have a standard burial, you can opt for that as well. It is a good idea to purchase the burial plot ahead of time so you can pick your final resting spot. For some people, it is important to know they will be buried in the shade of a large tree or overlooking a nice view on the side of a hill. You can choose your spot, place the stone, and have the details written into your will so that the family knows where to lay you to rest. Some people don't want to consider any of these details, but leaving it to your family to have to deal with when you can plan it all out ahead of time is not fair to them. The family will have so much to deal with already, planning the details of your final arrangements can make the days after your passing easier for everyone.

Final Expense Insurance

If you want to plan your final arrangements but money is tight, some funeral homes will work with you and offer an insurance or prepayment plan that allows you to make monthly payments to cover the expenses you have planned with them. Once there is a price set for the services, you can make the payments until the amount agreed on is covered. When the day comes that you pass, make sure that your family or your executor knows that you have services planned and paid for, and what funeral home you chose to work with.

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