3 Essentials To Help Improve Forklift Safety

Whether you are managing a distribution center or industrial plant, you most likely have multiple forklifts moving through the building. These machines are beneficial for efficient and effective movement of pallets and other items. While they can be helpful, forklifts can also be hazards. As a matter of fact, forklifts account for 85 fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year. Fortunately, help is available if you want to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are a few essentials to consider if you want to improve forklift safety.


You and your employees may believe they know how to operate a forklift safely, but proper training is crucial for reducing accidents AND staying in compliance with laws and regulations. Remember, only individuals aged 18 and over who are trained and certified should operate a forklift.

Also, it is important to remember that if any accidents have occurred, the forklift operator should take a refresher course, even if they are already trained and certified.


Sensors on different areas of your forklift are also important. These sensors can halt motion when an object or person is sensed, which will prevent costly damage to your building or equipment, as well as dangerous accidents that could lead to severe injuries to others in the building.

A forklift warning sensor system can be mounted on the front and rear of your forklifts, reducing accidents and injuries that occur when in forward motion or reverse. If you are choosing to install these collision warning sensors, make sure all of your forklift operators are trained to operate the machine with the new additions.

Strobes/Safety Lights

Safety should not only be a concern of the operator – but also others working in the same building. Fortunately, there are visual safety tools that will alert others a forklift is in motion through the facility.

A strobe light mounted to a designated area of the forklift will light up when the forklift is in operation – whether started up and in place or started up and in motion. The light offers a powerful illumination that ensures no passerby get in the way of the forklift's operation.

Strobe lights are especially beneficial in buildings where there is loud equipment and machinery running. Although others will not be able to hear the forklift moving because of the equipment and machinery, they will be able to see the lights, realizing there is a forklift in motion.

Protecting your forklift drivers, other employees, building, and equipment/stock/machinery is important as a business manager. This guide will improve forklift safety in your facility.

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