The Pros & Cons of Emergency Propane Gas Delivery for Your Farm

Propane is a logical fuel source for many different reasons on a farm setting. The fuel is highly efficient, portable, and generally works well for the different fuel needs a farm owner can have. If something happens and you run out of propane and are in desperate need, you can get an emergency delivery if a local company offers the service. Here is a look at the pros and cons of emergency propane delivery for your farm. 

Pro: You can get the propane you need to keep your operation running smoothly. 

As a farm owner, you may rely on propane for everything from keeping your greenhouses heated to keeping grain bin heating systems running. If you unexpectedly run out of propane because of a cold spell, it can bring a lot of processes to a screeching halt. Having access to propane when you need it will mean you can keep everything going without hindering a single process. 

Con: You may pay a bit more for an emergency propane delivery. 

If the propane delivery company has to make special arrangements to get the fuel you need to your farm because you are in a hurry or it is outside of usual business hours, you may be charged extra fees for the service. The fees may come as an additional per-gallon charge, or there may be an additional flat-rate service charge for the delivery. For most farm owners who are in great need of propane, the extra cost is well worth the added expense for the delivery. 

Pro: You can get the fuel you need even if it is a holiday or weekend. 

For the most part, it is hard to get farm supplies outside of normal operating hours. However, if there is a propane company nearby that offers emergency deliveries, you can call them whenever you need help and get it. It could be late on a Sunday afternoon, Thanksgiving, or some other off-day and you could place a call to get a delivery of propane. 

Con: You may not be able to get a full tank delivered. 

If you call and need help right away, the propane company will do their best to bring you as much fuel as you need. However, if the propane is currently in high demand because of the weather, you may only be able to get as much propane as the company has available to deliver. 

If you would like to learn more about your options, contact a local propane gas delivery service.

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