Using Pressure Washers To Clean A Commercial Property

While a business might have a buildup of dirt and grime that isn't visible to the naked eye, it is definitely there. This is especially true for the exterior of your building that has been exposed to the elements. For that reason, a business might need to turn to pressure washing and to high-pressure pumps to remove the dirt and grime.

Understand How Powerful Your Pressure Washer Is

Pressure washers need to be used carefully. Otherwise, they can potentially cause a lot of damage. Since you will likely be pressure washing a large property, you'll need to use a pressure washer that can work for hours and produce water pressures of 3,300 PSI or higher.

Use the Right Nozzle

Adjust the nozzle to control how your pressure washer cleans a surface. The wider the nozzle, the less it is able to deeply clean a surface. A broader spray is able to cover a larger area, while a more narrow nozzle applies more force to a surface and increases the odds of causing damage. Fortunately, you can easily determine which nozzle to use by looking at the color. The most narrow spray comes from red nozzles. Yellow, green, and white nozzles each produce a broader spray that is more gentle. The black nozzle is the most gentle. 

Keep Windows and Doors Closed and Locked

Make sure that all windows and doors are closed. A pressure washer uses a large amount of force. If the water enters through a window, it could easily leave a room soaked. Make sure that everything is locked so it doesn't open during the pressure washing process.

Remove Debris

Make sure that any debris is cleared away before using a pressure washer. Clearing away the debris will allow you to get your work done faster and will also allow professionals to avoid becoming injured. Make sure that all tables and chairs are moved out of the way. Make sure that any fixtures are removed so they aren't damaged during the pressure washing process.

Use the Right Pump

Given the amount of power that pressure washers generate, it's necessary to use a high-pressure pump when using a power washer. These pumps can be powered through a variety of fuel sources, including gas, hydraulics, electricity, and power take-off. By using the right high-pressure pump, you'll have more productivity, less downtime, a lower cost of ownership, and lower repair costs. 

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