8 Simple Cleaning Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

Few people actually enjoy cleaning their homes, but it's a necessary evil! The faster and simpler you can make your home cleaning sessions, the better. The following are 8 simple cleaning tips that will help save your sanity.

1. Use microfiber cloths.

Microfiber cloths are better at attracting dust than those made from cotton or other fabrics. Dust with microfiber, and more dust will stick to your cloth rather than being scattered all over the place -- so you won't have to vacuum or wipe it up again.

2. Run a vaporizer before you dust.

Try to dust when the air is a bit more humid. If your air is really dry, turn a vaporizer on for an hour or two before you dust. The moisture in the air will weigh down the dust, making it easier to wipe off your surfaces.

3. Dust first, vacuum second.

If you vacuum and then dust, you will knock dust off onto your just-vacuumed carpet. Do it the other way around, and you'll vacuum up anything your dusting dislodged.

4. Use one cleaning solution throughout your home.

Having to switch from solution to solution can make cleaning more time-consuming. A better strategy is to make one all-purpose cleaning solution with half white vinegar and half water. You can use this cleaner on almost every surface, along with a microfiber cloth. 

5. Use an old toothbrush for hard-to-reach places.

Instead of trying to wedge your finger or a cloth into the creases along your window or in other tight corners, use a toothbrush. One with soft bristles is gentle enough to use on most any surface.

6. Keep smells at bay with fabric softener sheets.

Place fabric softener sheets on the bottoms of all trash cans. Place one under the cushions on your couch or chair, too. Your home will have a fresher scent, enabling you to go an extra day or two between cleaning sessions.

7. Keep an "extra things" basket in each room.

Is much of your cleaning time spent putting stray items away? Keep an empty basket in each room, and place out-of-place items inside. When you have a spare minute, carry the baker through your home and put a few items away.

8. Put sponges and cloths in the dishwasher.

So that you do not have to spend extra time cleaning your sponges and cleaning cloths, just pop them in the dishwasher with your dishes. The hot water will sanitize them.

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