A Look At The Pros & Cons Of Climate-Controlled Storage

There is one big question you will be facing when you decide you need a storage unit to stow away some belongings: climate-controlled or not climate-controlled? One type of unit will give you year-round temperature stability, and the other won't, so which should you choose? Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of climate-controlled units to help you decide. 

Pro: You get a storage unit that is perfect for keeping valuables safe from the elements. 

There are so many different types of things that go into storage, and many of these items are vulnerable to both hot and cold temperatures or high humidity levels. In a climate-controlled storage unit, the temperature and humidity levels are controlled and stable. Therefore, you won't have to worry about things like wooden furniture taking in too much humidity and swelling, photographs melting and sticking together, or musical instruments sustaining damage because of the cold. 

Con: You may have to pay a bit more for your rental. 

Climate-controlled storage units do tend to run a little higher than a unit that is not climate controlled but that is for logical reasons. Of course, a unit that has heating and air is more expensive to maintain and keep up than what a regular unit with no heating or cooling would be.  

Pro: Climate-controlled storage units often have electricity. 

Not only will your climate-controlled unit likely have heating and cooling, but it will also probably also have power inside that you can use when you need to. This can be especially helpful if you are going to be storing things that you may need to plug in on occasion, or if you just want power outlets and lights in your unit. For example, if you will usually be spending a lot of time in your unit to organize or sort belongings, it will be helpful if you have a place to charge your phone while you are there. 

Con: Many climate-controlled storage units will be located within a facility. 

If you like the idea of being able to get to your storage unit any time you choose, climate-controlled units can be problematic at some facilities because they will oftentimes be housed within one large building instead of outside. In these cases, most facilities do only leave their building open certain hours, but there are definitely exceptions. Some facilities will stay open around the clock whether they offer outdoor or indoor storage unit access. 

Once you find a local self-storage facility like National Self Storage - Denver, talk with them about their climate control options. 

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