Benefits Of Using Building Code Consulting For Renovations

As a business owner, you may be looking to expand your property. This expansion could be across town or just to the neighboring building. This means taking on new buildings that may need renovations and remodeling. If this is the case, you will need to have several inspections done. Some of these inspections should be done before any renovations begin. One of your options is to use a building code consultant service. Here are some benefits of using this service and what to know about each benefit.

Initial Inspection

One of the many benefits to using building code consulting for renovations is to find out what issues are present in the building. This does not cover structural issues only. This inspection also covers issues ranging from electrical to plumbing. The end result is a full inspection report that can give you insight into the problem areas of the building and what will need to go into the renovations in order to bring the building to code. It can also give insight into which areas can be removed the building or rerouted, such as rerouting plumbing rather than renovating certain areas.

Option Consulting

When the initial inspection is completed, the building code consultant will hold a consultation. This consultation is to discuss the options available to you. They will move through each code issue and give you options to bring that issue up to code. They can also give you options that may mean total remodeling to remove certain areas of the building design. For example, the building may have been an old hotel or apartment building. This could mean bathrooms on each floor are far below code. An option would be to remodel the building to remove these bathrooms and avoid the code issue so you can focus on another code issue in the building.

Safety Plans

When the consultation is completed, the consultant will go over safety plans that need to be put in place for your building. Most consultants will discuss where fire routes, exit plans, and stairwells should be to give evacuation options should a fire or other incident occur. This will go hand-in-hand with the design options available to you to bring the building to code during the renovation process.

These are just a few of the benefits to using a building code consulting services before you begin renovations on a business complex. When you are ready to begin the renovation process, contact your local code consultants. They can help you with questions and pricing, and go through the process to ensure your renovations are done properly and that the code issues you need upgraded.

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