Are You Updating Your Lighting for a More Modern Look? 3 Tips for Choosing & Using Pendant Lights

The lighting in your house plays a large role in creating an overall sense of ambiance. Warm lights generate a cozy feeling, and your house should have a variety of different types of lights that you can use to accent areas and provide enough lighting to accomplish tasks such as cooking and reading. Your decision to enhance the aesthetics of your home with modern ceiling lights can add value and increase your enjoyment of your living space. Since pendants are one of the biggest trends right now, you can use these tips to include them in your home lighting plans.

Think About Function

Pendant lights come in multiple sizes and shapes that you can choose from to provide certain types of lighting. For instance, a single pendant placed above a desk draws attention to the area and directs light to the area where you work. However, a small pendant will typically not light up the whole room or a large area. If you have a large space to light, then consider choosing a style that clusters several pendants together. Alternatively, you could choose one large one that generates enough light for an area such as over the dining room table.

Make it Match the Decor

You will also need to make sure that the style of the pendants in your home makes sense for the purpose they serve as well as the overall ability to fit into the rest of the decor. Consider adding a chandelier made from pendants in the center of your main living area. Alternatively, single lightbulb pendants hung over a work table or desk can enhance a minimalist decorating scheme. You can also choose from chrome and glass designs that give a sleek, modern look to your home. 

Hang Them for the Best Effects

Once you select the right style and type of pendants, you need to hang them properly. Since they hang from the ceiling, one of your biggest concerns is making sure that they do not block views. You will also want to make sure that the bulb does not hang so close to a work surface that you cannot accomplish your tasks. In most cases, you will want about a three-foot clearance between a table or counter and the light. If the pendant has a hanging switch or adjustable dimmer, then you will also want to make sure that it is reachable but out of the way.

New lights help brighten up your home and increase your happiness. Now that you know more about pendant lighting, you can begin exploring which types work best for your home decorating goals.

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