Four Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect. She also wants people to think her wedding reception was a ton of fun! Here are four great ideas to increase the entertainment value at your reception.

Rent A Photo Booth

Wedding photo booths are an excellent way for your guests to have fun and to capture precious memories of your special day as well. A photo booth comes with awesome backdrops, such as a sunny beach, and plenty of props, like hats, glasses, and scarves, for your guests to create funny or poignant scenes. Most photo booths have a curtain, so people can feel free to get as crazy and goofy as they want. In addition to printing out a strip of photos for memorabilia for your guests, you can arrange to receive a disc with all the pictures.

Create A Photographer Scavenger Hunt

You've rented your photo booth and you've hired your wedding photographer, but they can't be everywhere at once, and neither can you. Encourage the budding photographers at your wedding to put their skills to use helping you capture every moment you or your photographer miss. Use a large picture frame and get out your scrapbooking materials to create a list of photo ideas to capture, such as "foodie shot", "the cutest kid," and "dance floor antics." A couple of days after the wedding, when you are probably still waiting for the actual wedding pictures, your amateur photographer friends and family will begin emailing you all the candid shots they captured of your special day, regaling you with tales of how much fun everyone had. You can also set up an online photo-sharing account and provide your guests with the login info. Then, anyone who has taken pictures of the day can upload them for everyone to see.

Hire A Caricaturist

Everyone has seen these amazing artists at summer festivals and carnivals. They're the talented people who can quickly sketch a cartoon-like portrait of people. Your guests will have a lot of fun getting their portrait done, and it will be a great souvenir as well. It will also be a fantastic visual memory for the bride and groom.

Create Lounge Areas

Not everyone wants to hang out on the dance floor. Once the dinner is over and the banquet tables are moved out of the way, hire a staging company to come in and create intimate little spaces with couches and comfy chairs for guests to simply sit back and enjoy the fun. You can also set up a game room area with tables, a deck of cards, poker chips, a chess board, a cribbage board, and whatever adult party games you and your friends and family enjoy playing.

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