Tips To Prepare Your Home For Pressure Washing

The exterior of your home can begin to look dirty and dingy, particularly after the snow melts. In wet climates, particularly, a thin layer of moss or algae can also form, further making everything look dirty. Pressure washing services can quickly remove this layer of dirt, making siding, walkways, and drives look like new again. Hiring a professional service ensures it is done correctly. The following are a few tips to help you prepare for your pressure washing service.

Tip #1: Take down the screens

If your windows will be pressure washed, then you need to remove any screens so that the glass is thoroughly cleaned by the process. The force of the water can damage screens, particularly any that already have minor holes or weak frames. Consult with your service on what to do with the screens. Many services also offer screen washing, but you will need to lay them out on a lawn so they can be hosed off at a lower pressure setting than that used elsewhere. Laying flat also provides support so damage is less likely to occur from washing.

Tip #2: Put away outdoor items

Plastic lawn furniture, toys, and decorative items aren't generally made to withstand pressure washing. Move these items away from the areas to be pressure washed. If you can't move them far, then cover them with a sturdy tarp to protect them from any wayward streams of water. The same goes for any sensitive landscape near the area to be pressure washed. Trim back what you can and cover anything that you can. For example, placing an upturned box or a tarp over a flower bush near the house will help protect it from any high pressure water streams.

Tip #3: Inspect your home for leaks

A single open window can result in a lot of water getting into your house. Before the pressure washing technicians arrive, walk around the house and make sure all windows and doors are securely closed. It's also a good idea to lock them, since this will further prevent any pressure from the water from pushing open the window or door. If you are aware of leaks, such as from old weather stripping around a door, repair this before pressure washing. Otherwise, you need to inform your service techs so they can avoid the area.

Your pressure washing service may have additional advice to prepare for your specific cleaning. Don't hesitate to call a company today to schedule a pressure washing. 

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