Sewing Machine Getting Older? 3 Problems It May Have Soon

If you have an older sewing machine, there are many problems it may start having soon. Being aware of these things will allow you to be ready for them so you can get your sewing machine repaired quickly. To help you, below are three problems to keep a watch out for.

Problems with Fabric Feeding

If your fabric is not feeding like it normally does, this could be something simple for you to fix. For example, check the pressure foot and make sure it is down and is set to the right pressure for the fabric that you are currently using. If the pressure is not correct, the fabric will not feed correctly.

Also, check the sewing machine drop feed setting to ensure this setting is not activated. If it is, this can cause problems with some fabrics feeding well. Refer to the owner's manual for your sewing machine on how to check the drop feed setting as it may be different depending on the sewing machine model that you have.

Problems With Sewing Machine Locking Up

If you are sewing and your sewing machine all of the sudden stops working, turn the hand wheel manually to see if this gets the sewing machine going again. If it does not, the problem could be that the fabric is too thick for the type of sewing machine that you have. If the fabric is not the problem, check the needle to ensure it is not bent and that you are using the right type of needle.

If you are still having problems with your sewing machine locking up, it may need to be cleaned. Over time, lint and fuzz can build up inside the sewing machine. If you are not sure how to clean it, refer to the owner's manual. If your sewing machine will still not sew, then the problem is much more serious, such as the motor. At this point, take the sewing machine to a repair shop to have it repaired.

Problems With Sewing Machine Making Too Much Noise

If you are sewing and start hearing noises coming from your sewing machine that you do not normally hear, you need to stop sewing immediately. First, clean the machine and oil the components. The owner's manual will show you how to oil the components and what type of oil you should use.

If the sewing machine is still making too much noise, take it to a shop for sewing machine repairs.

Talk with the sewing machine repair shop about these problems to learn much more about them. The repair shop can also give you information on how to keep your sewing machine running well for you so you can use it longer.

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