3 Things You Should Make Available For The Portable Toilets You're Renting For An Event

Are you planning to rent some portable toilets for your upcoming event? Here are a few things you should make available to ensure a clean, safe, and pleasant bathroom experience for your guests:

Hygiene Supplies

While the portable toilets you rent should come stocked with a roll of toilet paper each, it's a good idea to buy some extra rolls for use during your event. But don't stock the restrooms with the extra rolls right away, or it may get used a lot faster than is necessary. People may use more than they need because they see that there is plenty available, or they may even decide to take an extra roll for their own personal use thinking that nobody would miss it.

So keep the extra rolls nearby and check the restrooms once an hour or so. When the toilet paper gets low, you can replace it with a full roll. You should also put some hand sanitize solution in each portable restroom so people can easily clean their hands after going to the bathroom. Each bathroom should also be stocked with paper towels so people can dry their hands and clean up after themselves.

A Baby Changing Station

If families will be attending your event, it's a good idea to set up a baby changing station near your portable restrooms. There likely won't be enough room inside the restrooms to change a baby's diaper, and the environment in restrooms may not feel inviting enough for parents to be comfortable changing their babies in them. So set up a changing tent that would normally be used on camping trips and put a waist-height table in it.

Place a changing pad with a vinyl cover on the table, and make some sanitizing spray available so parents can wipe the changing pad down when they're done. When parents aren't using the restrooms to change their babies, you'll alleviate some waiting time for those who are in line for the bathroom, and your guests are sure to appreciate the accommodations and privacy that you provide.

Comfortable Waiting Accommodations

Waiting to use a portable bathroom can take a lot of fun out of the experience of your event, especially if the lines start getting long. To make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy while waiting for the restroom at your event, create a line on one side of each restroom with chairs so that people can sit down while they wait.

Make sure that a speaker is set up near the restrooms so those who are waiting to use them can still hear the music or the MC that is being presented so they don't miss anything. And make sure that garbage cans and tables are located nearby so people can put their stuff down before going into the bathroom and conveniently throw stuff away before joining the event again. 

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