Can You Bail Out Of Jail On Any Charge?

For most people who are arrested, the process of bailing out of jail is simple. But what happens when you commit a serious crime? Are there crimes you are not allowed to bail out of jail for? While some types of charges could make it more difficult to bail out, bail bonds may still be able to help you.


Terrorism is considered to be an extremely severe crime that is difficult to bail out on. This is especially the case if your terrorism charges are associated with other serious crimes, including homicide and other forms of violence. That being said, you may have a chance to bail out if you are an accessory to the crime or if there is no flight risk. That being said, your bail could be high enough that you cannot pay it on your own, which is where a bail bond comes into play.

A Series of Felonies

If you have been charged with multiple felonies over the years, it is important for the judge to watch out for the community surrounding you. The judge may decide that you are a danger to the community because you have committed a series of serious felonies. This means they might set a very high bail that you may need to help to secure.

Homicide & Murder

Homicide is one charge for which you may not be able to bail out of jail. This is because the judge could determine that you might be a threat to your community or that you may flee because you are facing such serious charges. The judge will take into account different factors in the case, including whether the death was an accident or in self-defense. If you are allowed to bail out, the bond amount is likely to be very high.

Potential Flight Risk

The judge will also consider not giving you the option to bail out if you appear to be a flight risk. If you do appear to be a potential flight risk, the judge may decide that he or she will issue bail with the stipulation that you give up your passport first.

Get a Bail Bond Today

If you have not been told that you are unable to bond out, you may need to secure a bail bond. There is also the chance that you could be facing one of these charges with a very high bail. meaning you might need some help getting out of jail to fight your charges. A bail bond can help you. Talk with a professional to learn more about bail bonds

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