3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Propane Supply Company To Serve Your Business

You may be running a motel that uses propane to keep the rooms warm or managing a restaurant that uses propane to prepare food. No matter the reason for your company's need of propane, you likely use enough to warrant regular delivery of the stuff. Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a propane supply company to do business with.

How are Deliveries Scheduled?

One important question to ask the propane supply company you consider doing business with is how deliveries are scheduled. You may know exactly how much propane your business uses each month and you'd be comfortable with placing monthly deliveries.

However, if your usage fluctuates, you may need to schedule an unexpected delivery at some point during the month. Or maybe you prefer to manage your propane supply on a weekly basis. No matter the case now, your situation might change in the future.

Therefore, it's a good idea to find out how deliveries are scheduled before committing to work with any particular propane supply company. You should be able to schedule monthly, weekly, and even daily deliveries if necessary. You should also be able to schedule emergency deliveries even if for a small additional fee.

What Kind of Payment Options are Offered?

Not every propane supply company offers the same payment solutions, so make sure the one you choose can accommodate your company's needs and preferences before scheduling your first delivery. You may even consider choosing a company that offers more options than you need now in case your needs change in the future.

Find out what kinds of payments are accepted, whether you can set up a payment plan when necessary, and whether there are any service plans available that include a certain amount of propane delivery each month. Make sure you understand exactly when payment will be due and how you can make the payments. They might accept payment through the company's website, in-person, or over the phone.

Are There Any Access Requirements to Worry About?

The delivery truck that shows up to bring your propane will likely be large and bulky. They may have access requirements to your propane tanks that the typical truck or van wouldn't need, such as an extra wide driveway and a turn-around space that is free of large objects.

Schedule a consultation appointment so your service provider can come out and inspect your property. They'll be able to let you know whether any changes need to be made before a delivery can be scheduled. This will help you avoid the experience of having to turn your delivery away due to accessibility issues.

For more information about what to expect when ordering propane, talk to propane supply companies like APOLLO PROPANE INC in your area.

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