4 Important Things To Know About A Frontlit Banner

If you want to purchase a banner for your business, it is important to know what type of banner you need and where you want to display the banner.

#1: One-Sided Advertising

A frontlit banner is a banner that is only printed on one-side. That means you can hang up the banner on the side of a building, for example. This type of banner is not designed to be hung on the side of the road and be read by people driving in both directions, as it is only printed on one side. It is a great type of banner when you are hanging up a banner against a building or structure.

#2: For Outdoor Usage

A frontlit banner is designed to be used outside. It is made from sturdy materials that can withstand outside elements. A frontlit banner is made from a thick material that can withstand high winds and rains without breaking down. Not all banner materials are designed to withstand being outside, so if you want the option to hang the banner up outside, a frontlit banner is a great choice. The banner is generally covered with special coatings as well to ensure it can withstand the outside weather.

#3: Full-Color Print

Next, a frontlit banner can withstand a full-color print. You can print a wide range of vibrant colors on the banner. You can print logos, words, and full-color images on a frontlit banner. You can print anything that you want; it can hold a wide range of ink and is great if you have creative ideas for what you want to display. 

#4: Multiple Hanging Options

With a frontlit banner, there may be multiple options for how to hang the banner up. It is important to know how you want to hang up the banner when you have it created.

You can have a pole bracket made on the banner, which is a little pouch across the banner's back that creates a space where a pole can be used. Or you can go for eyelets, which are little circular reinforced areas that allow you to use different types of poles or strings to hang up the banner. Or you can have Velcro across the back of the banner and adhere the Velcro to another Velcro structure. Or you can go with a welded banner with a sturdy top structure. 

Frontlit banners are vinyl banners printed on one side, designed for outdoor usage, can handle full-color print, and have multiple hanging options. Look for one like a 13oz high-tenacity frontlit banner.

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