Key Additions for Small Business E-Commerce Site Design

Web presence is essential for small businesses, but it is also something that can be a bit of a challenge to create. Small business owners are not always skilled in the art of web development or search engine optimization. That can mean a lot of wasted time and effort on a website that doesn't generate the traffic that you're hoping for. If you are getting ready to build an e-commerce website for your business, there are a few things that you should be sure to incorporate for the best results.

Incorporate Name Recognition

Few things engage a potential customer the way that addressing them by name will. Encourage visitors to your e-commerce site to register an account and list their names so that every time they visit, your site will address them by name.

This allows your potential customers to feel as though they are receiving a more personalized experience when they do business with your company. This is important in online shopping, which is so often an impersonal endeavor.

Use a Dynamic Home Page

A dynamic home page on an e-commerce site is almost a must. It allows you to spotlight seasonal products, current promotions, or even customer buying trends. Spotlighting different products is important because it can encourage customers to buy things that they may not have otherwise found in your online store.

The more you can spotlight different types and classes of products, the greater the chance of increasing your sales. Look for an e-commerce platform that allows for dynamic updates to your featured product categories so that you can easily make these changes.

Offer Interactive Options

When customers have the ability to interact with an e-commerce site, they tend to feel a bit more confident in the retailer. Offer a variety of different interactive features as part of your website. For example, allow customers to post reviews and ratings for products that they have purchased. Be careful to limit those to only verified purchases, though. Otherwise, you risk internet trolls potentially rating down a product in an effort to help a competitor.

You can also add an incorporated chat feature for customer service and support. That way, customers with questions or problems can reach someone easily through the chat platform directly on the website. Many customers will be hesitant to make a phone call, while they will turn to a chat platform without much hesitation.

Contact a web development service and ask them if they would be able to help you add these things to your current website.



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